Innovation and Originality


This letter is to share with you the enormously satisfying experience I had recently with Hammett Homes. 

I had purchased a lot on which to build, which happened to be a very odd-shaped piece of ground within the Lakemoor subdivision in Eagle. It never occurred to me that the shape of the lot might be a challenge for a builder.

I also had very definite ideas in floor plans - different from all of the plans I was shown by multiple builders I approached. Specifically I wanted as much light as possible and a feeling of spaciousness, while not sacrificing practicality. Hammett Homes never made me feel they were only pushing their models - as other builders had. They encouraged innovation and originality.

Hammett Homes built for me the home of my dreams. They involved me every step of the way. I sat with Craig Hammett, Jay Ross and their architects while they fully encouraged my participation in conceptualizing, modifying, enlarging, shrinking, moving, or enhancing just about every feature, shape, color or texture one could imagine for the interior and the exterior of my new home. 

They showed absolute genius in positioning the house on this problematic lot. The views out my many windows are gorgeous ~ I see greenery, streams, rocks and nature where I could have been largely viewing the sides, backs and fronts of other people’s homes. (The lot had been one of the last ones sold in this phase of the development  -  probably because of its perceived challenges.)  Hammett Homes transformed it into a showplace.

As might be expected, I changed my mind several times during the building process about paint colors, window sizes and placement, rock exterior, carpet and probably other things I no longer remember.  Hammett Homes was extremely patient, receptive and flexible on each occasion. 

Hammett also kept me fully informed all of the way, thoroughly explaining all options, and all pros and cons of various choices. (I had no idea there was such excruciating detail and responsibility in constructing a home.) They anticipated needs and showed me possibilities I would not have known existed. 

Hammett Homes was incredibly timely and prompt. If I texted a question or comment, I had a response almost before I had laid my phone down - and that included the weekends! The home was completed well within the time frame I had wanted. 

Neighbors and friends are extremely complimentary of my new home. I’ve met totally new people who simply stop by to admire the house and surrounding land. I could not be happier with my Hammett Homes experience, and with Craig Hammett and Jay Ross, and the sources they used in subcontracting.


Posted by JayR at 3/12/2016 3:01:00 AM
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