Fulfilling your promises.

She cried. She didn't want to but she couldn't help it. The emotions that had resided within her during the weeks of construction finally overwhelmed her and rose to the surface. Make no mistake: These were not tears linked to any tragedy or sadness. Rather, the tears were more akin to a joyful homecoming. For that is what this day was.


Hammett Homes finally had, after many years of buying and selling other houses, delivered the home of her dreams. From the spa like master bath, open and airy kitchen with white cabinetry to the turret "princess room", complete with windows full of sunshine at no extra cost, she had arrived home.


And he was simply pleased that she was so happy. Well, perhaps that and the garage full of promising projects, upstairs bonus room with

Posted by JayR at 2/17/2015 2:52:00 AM
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