I instantly fell in love.....

My husband and I moved to Meridian, from out of state, recently. While looking at homes, I came across a newly built Hammett Home, which I instantly fell in love with. I contacted the realtor, Jay Ross, who works with the Hammett Homes company, and found him to be happy to explain the plans and building process to us. Over a period of weeks, we called Jay with numerous questions, which he thoroughly answered, and we made our decision to purchase our Hammett home. The process of making decisions, long distance, on every detail was made uber easy by communication with Jay, who took pictures of our home at various stages to send to us. We were also meeting, at times, with Craig Hammett, the builder, along with Jay. They made us feel extremely comfortable with the process, and were more than willing to make changes and additions, that made our new home truly ours alone. We enthusiastically endorse Hammett Homes and would recommend them to any potential buyers looking for a home in the Boise area.

Jim and Ruth.

Posted by JayR at 4/18/2017 1:16:00 AM
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